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Naughty Maid Ariel Anderssen Has Some Explaining To Do Over The Knee!!!
17th October 2018

Samantha Suffers Limp After Car Breaks Down!!
14th October 2018

Ariel Anderssen Humiliated As She's Ordered To Get Naked By Female Airport Security Staff!!
11th October 2018

Stephanie Commanded To Get Naked Via New Phone App!!
6th October 2018

Samantha Alexandra STRIP OR BE FIRED!!!
5th October 2018

Ariel Anderssen The Naughty Spanked Maid!!!
3rd October 2018

Harsh Discipline School Will Correct Ellie Roe's Unruly Behaviour!!
30th September 2018

Stephanie Locked Out In Naked Work Shame!
29th September 2018

Samantha Alexandra Spooked By Online Chat Spying Through Her Webcam!! - Part 2
22nd September 2018

Samantha Alexandra Spooked By Online Chat Spying Through Her Webcam!! - Part 1
20th September 2018

Cherry Scared & Shocked By Demanding Stalker!!!
14th September 2018

Sleepy Limp Student Ellie Has An Admirer
12th September 2018

Ellie Roe Robbed And Stripped Naked By Insane Female Intruder!!
6th September 2018

Limp Cherry Is In For A Rude Awakening!!!
5th September 2018

Estate Agent Ellie Roe Blackmailed To Gain A Sale!!
2nd September 2018

Ellie Roe Finds Herself Locked Out & Worse Still, She's NAKED!!!!
30th August 2018

Samantha Alexandra Locked Out Wearing Bondage Lingerie Prank!!!
25th August 2018

Samantha Alexandra Blackmailed By Ex As He Rages Over Promotion War!!!
23rd August 2018

Slave 056 Training - Time To Wake Up, Corporal Punishment/Female Training!!
19th August 2018

Cherry Stripped In Revenge By Jealous Sister!!
16th August 2018

Fumes From Hair Dye Leave Samantha Alexandra All Limp!!
11th August 2018

Cherry Finds Herself Limp And Powerless After Her Car Breaks Down!!
9th August 2018

Samanthas Limp Hypnotheraphy Session Goes Drastically Wrong!!!
5th August 2018

Student Stacey Spanked For Her Shockingly Poor Uniform!!
3rd August 2018

Stranded Samantha Lost & Helpless, Then Rescued, Only To Be Forced To Strip!!
29th July 2018

Slave 056 Collared, Tethered & Spanked!!!
26th July 2018

Cheating Cherry Made Limp By A Jealous Girlfriend!!
23rd July 2018

Samantha Alexandra/Slave No.56 In Highly Demanding Stress Positions!!!
19th July 2018

Ellarna Seeks Therapy & Is Left Stripped & Humiliated!!
15th July 2018

Samantha Alexandra Tied And Tickled To The Extreme!!!
12th July 2018

Exposed & Stranded Samantha Alexandra Can't Get Back Inside!!
7th July 2018

Limp Redhead Suffers A Humiliating Ordeal Using New App!
5th July 2018